iPhone 3G is out

July 11, 2008

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The Apple iPhone 3G is fact, today is the official release date. Also the new firmware is out, version 2.0 for the original iPhone. iPhone 3G has got built-in GPS and it’s faster and better looking.

iPhone 3G

The specifications is well known from the official announcement. It has got the same 3.5inch display but is grown with a millimeter in width, lenght and thickness. tri-band HSDPA support is the new thing it provides faster data transfer than EDGE. No camera for video calls.

The built-in GPS works only with Google Maps software for now.

There is a bunch of new software from The App Store

New version of iTunes (7.7) for both. Also dozen of games. Another nice this about iPhone 3G is the loudest new speaker, the original iPhone was really quiet.

Await for more iPhone 3G news and review

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