E-Commerce Based on Wholesale cell phones Business

November 25, 2009

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E-business or E-commerce is certainly a big revolution which has changed the face of world business with a storm. It plays a vital role in simplifying the business processes globally and even with the businesses conducted in the domestic scale.

Almost all major types of goods can be purchased online with the implementation of e-commerce. If you are planning on buying the wholesale goods from the international markets, it is much more convenient to run your operations online, providing that you find the right wholesaler. It is a lot more affordable than operating offline and traveling overseas, although it is a safer to a larger extent.

Wholesale branded cell phones companies provide a wide range of shipping options to its customers to choose from. These include Express courier services like the FedEx, DHL, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, EMS, Postal Parcel etc. The customers can also choose their own courier offices. The delivery by ship usually takes 2- 15 days depending on the destination. The products listed in these websites are normally available with a 12 months warranty period. If there are any problems found in the functioning or quality of the product, it can be shipped back to them for the replacements. They also have a reliable and efficient customer service teams which provide excellent after-sales services to their customers. Another important feature of these online electronic wholesale websites is that they use advanced security programs to protect the customer information from hackers and thieves. These websites are very safe and they cater to all your electronic wholesale needs.

Some online Wholesale branded cell phones websites have the feature called as the one stop logistic service, where they take care of all the aspects regarding the documentation and the delivery of the goods. Once the orders are placed, these websites will provide the logistic agent services, shipment tracking, optimization of the shipping route etc. The payment options on these websites are very flexible for the customers and it can be easily done with the credit cards, Letter of Credit, Western Union, Pay Pal etc. Some companies even accept foreign currencies as well. These payment options are secured with total buyer protection and the companies do not reveal any customer financial information to the third parties.

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