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January 2010

T-Mobile WebConnect Jet Capably Keeps Your Laptop Connected

January 14, 2010

T-Mobile is not yet synonymous with 3G connectivity the way Verizon or even AT&T Wireless is, but it’s continuing to push ahead with 3G data offerings. The newest is the WebConnect Jet laptop stick (free with a two-year contract, as of December 14, 2009). The Jet looks more stylish than T-Mobile’s previous release, the WebConnect [...]

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Google’s Nexus One the new iPhone killer?

January 6, 2010

Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET, Google will announce something related to its Android smartphone OS. It’s expected to be the launch of Google’s Nexus One phone – the company’s first full-on leap into the smartphone fray and one that will put the online giant head-to-head with the darling of the market, the iPhone. Google scheduled [...]

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