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BlackBerry Storm 2 and Bold 2 are coming soon

October 10, 2009

Two new BlackBerry handsets are about to be released – BlackBerry Storm 2 and Bold 2. There still isn’t anything official on these phones, but the Internet rumor mill is beginning to lean towards “coming soon”. We’ve seen photos of BlackBerry Storm 2 and you can also find some videos, which demonstrate its amazing touchscreen [...]

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Sprint roadmap 2009 Q1-Q3 leaks

March 17, 2009

Today on the Internet have leaked the Sprint’s Q1-Q3 handsets roadmap for 2009. The leak comes from Phone News they manage to get their hands on a roadmap revealing the upcoming Sprint’s devices for the first three quarters of 2009, the thing looks pretty good. The hightlight is the Q2 Palm Pre aka Palm P100 [...]

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BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 – not so impressive

September 11, 2008

RIM have officialy announced their first clamshell phone – BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. The phone doesn’t have impressive features and it’s large but still – it looks good. The hightlights of BB Pearl Flip 8220 is the BlackBerry OS, WiFi with UMA support and the trackball navigation. SureType QWERTY keyboard is also included in this [...]

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 unboxing video

August 24, 2008

Here is a video unboxing material from There is also some comparison with old blackberry’s, iPhone etc.

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BlackBerry Thunder – live pictures and more information

July 14, 2008

Live Pictures of BlackBerry Thunder The phone looks a lot like iPhone 3G but offers some nice NEW for mobile market features. Local vibrations is one of them to announce that key is pressed. For the first time you can see live pictures of the device. The pictures looks real, so we can stop calling [...]

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BlackBerry Thunder 9500 – tough iPhone 3G competitor

July 8, 2008

BlackBerry Thunder 9500 looks a lot like iPhone, because of the touch-based interface (Blackberry Touch UI OS). New photos have leaked. It seems BlackBerry 9500 is a competitor for iPhone 3G. There isn’t official announcement yet. The device will run new BlackBerry OS touch-based with nice big 2.5” TFT display and 360×480 pixels resolution. Also [...]

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