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HiVision NB0700 – mini price

September 6, 2008

HiVision have beaten the competition of laptops under $100 and it seems HiVision NB0700 is the best choise in 100-dollars-laptop market. It has got similar specs to Asus Eee PC 701 but with some major differences. HiVision NB0700 sports 7 inch screen (800×480), WiFi, 1GB SSD, 64MB/128MB of RAM and 400Mhz MIPS CPU. It has [...]

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Shenzhen HiVision notebooks

August 31, 2008

Engadget have spotted pictures of Shenzhen HiVision netbooks. They are fake copies of original ones like HP mini etc. The retail price of this netbooks is $150. They are available only in China for now.

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